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Hoover’s Bar & Bistro

Contact information

(08) 9021 2788
Open 7 days a week for accommodation meals and drinks
(except certain public holidays)

Hoover’s Bar & Bistro starts serving meals at 8am.

Click here to browse The Hoover’s Bistro menu.

Relax in our old world surroundings. Enjoy breakfast, morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea from 7am daily except public holidays. The Bistro does not require bookings. The Hoover’s Menu features a healthy, low fat, low carb option on our standard menu. Choose you favourite grilled meat (beef, chicken or fish) and it is served to you grilled, no sauce, with salad (dressing on the side). This meal is a fantastic lunch option, as is our new Thai Beef Salad. If you want to eat healthier, Hoover’s is one of the best options in town!

photo 1

Grilled chicken is just one of our low fat, low carb, gluten free menu items.

The Hoover Bar & Bistro has WiFi access. If you wish to have access, please ask our staff.

The Hoover Bar & Bistro can be booked for functions. Please see our functions page for more information.


Hoover’s features a bar as well as a Bistro.


Enjoy a cool drink or hot coffee at Hoover’s.

Please note that menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

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